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aether9 - REMOTE REALTIME STORYTELLING is a print publication based on the archives of the aether9 project.

Aether9 is a collaborative adventure exploring the danger zones of networked audio-visual live performance. This catalogue of their work was generated from the collection of images, mailing-list and chat interactions that developed between 2007 – 2010. The process, behind-the-scenes discussions and perils of networked communication, technical pitfalls, and script development, can thus be followed from performance to performance.

In addition, the book can be navigated (non-linearly) by following selected paths (TRACEROUTES) based on underlining themes, interests and whims of the aether9 project.

This book was designed during an intense sprint and some after shocks from June to September 2012, in collaboration with the Open Source Publishing team.


  • Size: 155 x 240 mm (6.10" x 9.45")
  • Weight: 247 g (8.71 oz)
  • Volume: 128 pages
  • Offset print on Olin Regular (Absolute White)
  • Manufactured in Ghent, Belgium
  • Published by Greyscale Press
  • in an edition of 250 copies
  • ISBN: 978-2-9700706-4-1


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Copy editing: Audrey Samson, Manuel Schmalstieg

Design: Gijs de Heij, Ludivine Loiseau, Pierre Marchand (OSP, Brussels)

Fonts: Typeset in modified versions of Karla (by Jonathan Pinhorn), Crimson Text (by Sebastian Kosch) and Consola Mono (by wmk69).

Software: Layout in ConTeXt and Inkscape. The pdf found its way through OSPImpose.


the authors

Chloé Cramer (CH/BE)

Christiaan Cruz (USA)

cym (NL/A/SLO)

Dhanya Pilo (IN)

Frauke Frech (DE)

Paula Vélez (Colombia)

Audrey Samson (CAN/NL)

Judy Nylon (USA)

The League of Imaginary Scientists (USA)

Manuel Schmalstieg (CH)

Mari Keski-Korsu (FIN)

Laure de Selys (BE/FR)

Boris Kish (CH/BE)

Alejo Duque (Colombia/CH)

Vinny Bhagat (IN/AUS)

Nathalie Fougeras (FR/Sweden)

Kim Xupei (CN)

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